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QUINNC is Contemporary Art Agency in New York which provides art consultancy and collection management services while exploring new ways of curating virtual exhibitions and contributing to today's practice of future art. Acting as an intermediary among collectors, galleries and artists QUINNC prioritizes understanding the needs and philosophy of the clients as well as the creative objectives of the artists and their market potentials. 


QUINNC helps individual and institutional clients to define their design styles, interests, financial goals, creative visions, and compliment their spaces with authentic and conversational artworks within a given timeline and budget. Our initial focus is to complete the project cycle from conceptualizing to the installation, to provide access to high art and sophisticated investment opportunities.


Customized collection management is designed to advise emerging or established contemporary art collectors to develop their collections and ultimately invest in their art legacy. Strategically formulating collector's taste of art, targeted market research, conceptual categorization and full service of art operation are what QUINNC offers for your journey of contemporary art. 



Art consultancy is offered for everyone considers to engage in contemporary art. Because cultivating privileged relationships with the artists and art professionals is our initial strength, QUINNC believes that the limit is the sky to manage customized projects and scale them accordingly for the clients' design objectives, interests and desired price points. Finding exceptional artworks to bring the latest art market trends into your homes, offices, commercial and corporate spaces, QUINNC defines the criteria for artwork research based on the clients' appreciation of art and the parameters of spacial design. 

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QUINNC creative vision is strongly influenced by the crosscurrents of art, visual culture, science, technology, media studies, city dwelling, theories of everyday life and interactivity. In the core of our curatorial strategy, there lies exploring new ways of exhibiting today's art on virtual platforms. Producing seasonal virtual exhibitions, QUINNC not only introduce you new local and international artists, but also allowing the viewers to access to the relevant contemporary art theories. 


In conjunction with curatorial contribution, market  research, gallery and artist liaising, acquisition, delivery, and installation, QUINNC produces customized guidelines for new and existing contemporary art collectors in order to create and develop their collections in light of reflecting their visions and styles which will eventually become their legacies. 



Knitting the best experience of acquiring contemporary art, QUINNC provides a range of services for framing, domestic and international shipping, insurance and installation. For these services QUINNC partners with the companies who are the experts in their fields, and share the same business ethics of professionalism and meticulousness, and additionally offer special pricing.